Long-Lasting Framing Hardware

At DR Building Supply in Midvale, Utah, we offer affordable premium and generic framing hardware options for residential and commercial buildings. Our technicians create custom anchor boats, perform machine cutting for all threads, and supply a wide range of hardware including:

• Earthquake & High Wind Braces
• Foundation Straps
• Hurricane Ties
• Adhesives
• Stud Bolts
• Mining & Home Building Braces
• Concrete Anchors
• Custom Hangers
• Sub-Floor Glue

• Nails

Simpson Strong-Tie™

Premium connectors from Simpson Strong-Tie come with a one-year factory warranty covering all hanger malfunctions. When framing a room, house, or building, use reliable connectors that you will not have to replace down the road. Costs vary, but we offer pricing that is competitive with lumber yards and big box companies.

KC Metals™

Building and structural materials from KC Metals are more affordable, but they do not yet have all of the hangers that Simpson provides. KC Metals offers a line of connectors and building hardware for concrete, steel stud, engineered wood products, and wood construction allowing you to save money on projects.

Contact our building supply company in Midvale, Utah, to place an order for durable framing hardware.